In 2016 Cat Snodgrass launched Bi-Rite Studio,

a design store specializing in 20th century furniture and objects. Bi-Rite is known for its Pop-inspired selection with a bold color pallet and outspoken curatorial style. An adventurous visual direction and a fresh approach to the genre has informed the brand's distinct style, allowing Bi-Rite to continue exploring new approaches to design and interiors.

In 2020, the brand expanded to include in-house designs,

including Tubo, a line of glossy steel tubular bookends, and Contact, a line of adaptable tables and consoles for small spaces in frosted glass and tubular steel. Bi-Rite also continues to expand its roster of contemporary designers, actively seeking new and exciting partnerships.

All of our inventory is available to rent for staging and productions. Please contact us for rate information and custom quotes. For furniture shipping inquiries, general questions and otherwise, email All sales are final.